What did we do before the Internet?

Friday September 19th – Limehouse Headquarters

Not sure if it made the news back home, but late last week there was a fire in the Chunnel.  Now you may think that “Fire in the Chunnel” is the title of a Nora Roberts novel, but alas it is not.

The Chunnel is the underwater tunnel that was built between England and France in 1994 to facilitate vehicle traffic and more importantly a high-speed train underneath the English Channel. You might recall seeing the Chunnel as Tom Cruise’s co-star in the first Mission Impossible movie – the Chunnel was the tall good-looking one.

Our travel plans saw us booked on Eurostar to head to Paris on September 25th but due to the fire, rail service has been seriously affected – Oh Merde!  So after weighing our options, (airfare from London to Paris is anywhere from 7-10 times the cost of the train)  we’ve decided to pull the plug on our 3 days in Paris and extend our stay in England.  Oh what a horrible compromise…

In one fifteen minute period yesterday (that’s 1 1/2 cups of tea worth of London time) we used the Internet to; get a refund from Eurostar, cancel our hotel in Paris, and extend our stay in our London apartment – all from the comfort of my track-pants.

To celebrate our extra time in London, this morning I booked two tickets to go and see Spamalot on September 23rd (our actual anniversary date) which somehow seems appropriate.  Mary has often said that living with me is like being caught in some zany Brit-com (say no more squire), so Spamalot it is.

Today we’re off for a tour of Westminster Abbey and from there we are heading to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Might even drop in to the Museum of Natural History while we’re in the area since it is right next door.

Sleep well my lovelies!


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