It’s Over and the Numbers are In!

We are home.  Jet-lagged  beyond belief, and both with the beginnings of a cold, thanks to, nasty, evil London underground users who spread their germs.

We covered so much ground and saw so much, I know we will be processing and reflecting on our holiday for months to come.

And here are some final numbers for you.

We walked 347.3 KMS over 23 days for a daily average of 15.1 KMS

We only had a 1/2 day of rain in 23 days, and most days the temperature was between 16 and 22 celsius

Mary added 74 new pins to her pin collection, and 2 new stuffed animals – Paddington Bear (purchased at Paddington train station in London), and a bear dressed up as an Eton school-boy.

I added 1 new sports jersey to my ever-expanding collection – a replica of the red jerseys worn by England when they won the 1966 world cup.

Mary added 5 new cookbooks to her collection

We mailed home a 12 pound (weight) box of souvenir guides from castles, palaces, museums etc. in order to reduce our baggage weight and it cost 74 pounds (sterling) or $148 to ship.

I kept 1,195 pictures of the over 1,400 I took, and amazingly, only 6 of them were of birds.  I had to use 3 disks to save them all.

In spite of the 5 extremely large Cadburys “Turkish” chocolate bars I inhaled while we were away, with the benefit if 347.3 kms under my belt, my belt-size did not expand…. I lost 5 pounds!

Our flight home on a 747 Jumbo took 9 hours and 40 minutes during which I watched 3 movies (Kathryn, you were right btw – Ironman was awesome!)

Including this one I wrote and posted 15 blog entries.

And finally…

We had 23 days of fun, laughter, awe, surprise, wonder, and without a doubt it was a wonderful way to celebrate 30 years together.

Till the next time.


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